Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where is Jason "WANG" Hemann?


Jason just got married (March 2006) and he and Stephanie are living in Tucson Arizona... With a Golden Lab named "Buddy."

My most memorable moment is when we heard Airmen "Hemann" was coming to RAF Fairford. Have you ever seen the cartoon, "He-Man?" Master of the Universe! Well, you can imagine what we were expecting from a name like Hemann!

When Jason arrived, I remember telling him to get a good lawyer. When he asked, "Why?" I informed him, "So you can sue the cartoon manufacturer for setting you up." He-Man is blonde, six plus feet, 250 lbs of pure muscle, and Master of the Universe! Hemann is brunette, 170 lbs (in the day), some muscle, and Master of what? How can Hemann be successful when everyone thinks they are getting "The Master of the Universe?" Lawsuit, all over it!

Stories to develop:
So this is where God lives!
Forklift, paint pallets and freshly painted floors don't mix!


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