Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Charlie "The Mad Malta Man" Brinkat

Where is the Mad Man from Malta? Liden, Swindon? Otherwise known as "Good-Time" Charlie.

Charlie taught us a great lesson in life. Charlie said, "You don't ask, you don't get." If you ask someone for something, they will generally help get it for you (within reason). Charlie could get almost anything.

On my last visit to Swindon in 2004, I tried to look up a lot of folks to no avail.

One of the many funny stories that come to mind when working with Charlie is the time we called Charlie's worksite forman on his cell (mobile) claiming to be a curry delivery from the Highworth Blip Blob (Indian food restaurant). The charges amounting to 85 pounds sterling ($1.00 = .50 sterling) or $170.00 dollars. The Forman went balistic about the huge curry order and argued on the phone for 15 minutes with the jester. Everyone in the office was in the know except the forman. The forman's face went red with anger and he finally out right refused to pay. When the forman hung up the phone the office went up in laughter. The forman finally found it funny after he calmed down a while.


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