Friday, February 17, 2006

Fairford on the Farm

Fairford on the Farm February 1985 to 1994

This Blog is dedicated to finding RAF Fairford, Englands finest. Personally, I spent nine years at RAF Fairford in the 7020th Transportation Squadron. I am interested in finding and communicating with the men and women, Americans and English (Welsh too, for Mr. Bill King).

Here is what I know, it may even be a lie.

Mr. Wilf "Chilly Willy" Robins is Deceased.

Where is "Big Mo?"

Where is "Lenny?

Terry "12 brew per teabag" Keene?

Mrs. Rosemary Day, Traffic Management Office still today

Mrs. Helen Haworth, Traffic Management Office, Married and living up north.

Mr. Bill King (probably running the M.O.D. by now)

Elaine "White Glove" Van Pelt is last known working with the DOT.

Rodney Rutz is coming to Albuquerque on February 18, 2006 to share a beer, a laugh and many memories with his good friend (me). Some friends are like that...

Anyone seen Charlie Brinkat (The Mad Malta Man)? Famous for the quote, "If you don't ask, you don't get."

Jason "WANG" Hemann and new wife Stephanie are driving through Albuquerque New Mexico at the end of February. If they don't stop in to say hello, you will hear about it. Wang is moving to Arizona.

Anna Rutz is in California

Jay Tuttle is missing in action but I am sure he will be back.

Steve Smith is in Indiana.

Brian Mudd Colleway is in Phoenix AZ working on Automobiles, "Automobile owners and Drivers Beware." Many stories to tell on Mudd.

Richard Patton and Brian Miller are supposedly in Colorado (Peterson AFB)?

Tim Thompson loves Arkansas.

Johnny "Ugmo" Buckingham is believed to be a Sheriff in Mississippi (Maggie and Zowie too)

Cornell "Country" Singleton is in Louisiana (England AFB?) I still remember the hammer incident.

Where is Garland "HIT MAN" Davis?

Where is Ed. "Moldy Sandwich" Vega

Where is Bigelow? Delaware...

Where is Larry "Scary T" Mitchell?

Where is Mitch Fry?

Where is Trent Carter?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when you started this blog or if you'll even see this. I worked in the Supply Squadron with Trent and was wondering of his whereabouts, as well. Tuttle, too. Maybe you can offer some updates.


7:25 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

I remember that view quite well! From the shock of my first arrival at Fairford to the endearing moment of my departure, when I left behind so many friends.

I remember you also!!

Anyway, take care and thanks for sharing with your blog.

Tracey Valmont

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trent was my brother. He was killed in a head-on car collision on August 19, 1996 by a drunk driver outside a pub in Cirencester. Below is an article about it:

Killer driver given licence back early
From the archive, first published Tuesday 20th Aug 2002.
A judge who jailed a man for five years for causing the death of two others by dangerous driving has given him his licence back -- four years early.
Douglas Belassie, formerly of Main Street, Clanfield, west Oxfordshire, was banned from driving for 10 years in December 1996 by Judge Gabriel Hutton at Gloucester Crown Court.
Police calculated Belassie drove home from the Cotswold Sailing Club, near Cirencester, at speeds of up to 86mph before losing control of his Volvo car on a bend of the A417 near Fairford, Gloucestershire.
Trent Carter, 29, and his lodger, ex-paratrooper Glenn Cooper, 22, were killed in the collision.
Sentencing Belassie in 1996, after a jury returned a guilty verdict, Judge Hutton said it was one of the worst examples of dangerous driving he had come across. "Your driving was clearly of the most aggressive and dangerous kind and is probably accounted for by the fact that you had taken drink, even though the amount of drink was not above the legal limit," he said.
Re-applying for his driving licence early, Belassie, 59, now of Wokingham, told the judge that he would never get behind the wheel of a car again, but added: "I have to cycle 16 miles to work every day and it would make life a lot easier if I had a small motorcycle."

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous. I'm really sorry for your loss. I knew Trent quite well. He was a good friend to me when I worked at Fairford. In fact we worked side by side in the Rack. Like so many we lose touch, but because he was so unflappable and unable to phase., he was truly memorable - an all around great guy. Again I'm sorry for your loss and am grateful that you shared it with us. Take care. Tracey Valmont

8:28 PM  
Anonymous SSGT HALL said...

Hi Any word on Jay Tuttle.I remember him well.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Trent well while I served with him at RAF Upper Heyford in Supply. I played darts with him and his girlfriend, Mandy. Along with his other friends whose names escape me now. I believe one was Mike Green(?). I learned of his demise while back in England for a robotics install back in 1997, I believe. My name is Travis Moore and if any of his friends would like to contact me, my email is I'd like to get back into contact with them

4:24 PM  

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