Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mig-29 crash at Fairford Airbase

75years on the wings. The Royal Air Force was behind one of the greatest Airshow in time. A quarter of a million people experienced a sky rumbling with colors and excitement, perhaps a bit too much when two Mig 29's smashed into each other. The audience screamed of fear, and the thoughts went back to the chaos at Ramstein AB Germany, where over 100 people died, when a fighter crashed in the middle of the audience. Such a tragedy could have repeated itself, when one of the MiG-29s was falling towards the audience. But Miss Fortune was kind this day. Nobody was hit when the MiG crashed into the ground and exploded a second time. Close call and a few hurt jumping off their Belgium C-130 and farm equipment, but the two Russian pilots landed safely with their parachutes, and one of them instantly lightened himself a cigarette. Well, we can sure say he had earned this smoke... With an air show danger thrives and sometimes things do go wrong. The margin of success and failure is not big in this business. See the photos.

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